Tuesday, March 29, 2011

T.V. Obscurities - First Posting

In this blog I am going to attempt to write about the fascinating and obscure television on the upper reaches of the dial. Or those programs that are on the major networks, are great, but no one watches (yes I am the one person watching). I got the idea to write about this blog when I was talking to my colleagues about television. They were all talking about The Good Wife and Grey's Anatomy. When I started talking about Terriers or Peep Show they looked at me with funny look, and simply said "I have never heard of that show". Then it would take me half of my lunch break to explain the basic premise to them. So, whether it is a new drama, quirky comedy, or a show that I have discovered on netflix instant I will talk about it here. Most likely no one will read this, and that's cool, but when I've seen that amazing rerun of Twin Peaks I can at least blog about it so I don't have to encounter those funny looks when I mention Agent Cooper at work. As the mysterious giant said "The things I tell you will be true"

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