Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Brilliant but Canceled Shows - Terriers

Terriers - Brilliant but Canceled

With the final episode of "Lights Out' approaching, I thought I would mention the best show that FX has canceled so far. Yes it was even better than Damages and the previously mentioned Lights Out. Both of those shows were/are great but Terriers was the trifecta great writing, great acting, and a premise that could sustain the show for years. I have to admit that I am biased because I am huge fan of detective shows. One of my favorite shows to watch in reruns is Columbo. Why did Terriers fail? Lots of bloggers/reviewers have already said it, but I will say it again, marketing. I have to admit that I had no clue what the show would be about when I saw the initials adds which showed a dog running around on the beach. In fact I showed the above picture on purpose, it has absolutely nothing to do with the show. It is not even the dog that they had on the show (a bulldog). I honestly thought I was going to be watching a show about dogs when I saw the first episode. I was only giving the show a chance because of FXs track record. The first episode was great. A P.I. show with Donal Logue (Hank Dolworth) an ex-cop. The story line also included his ex wife, a partner (former criminal), the partners girlfriend, and the cop that was Hank's former partner. The story line included the crooked politics of Ocean Beach, why the great cop lost his job, as well as a developer who stands to ruin Ocean Beach. There were also some stand alone episodes about other jobs the P.I.s received. This show was better than any of the current cop shows they have on the networks and it is a shame it didn't get at least one more season to prove itself. I saw that it is available on ITunes and hopefully there will be a DVD release so that everyone will get a chance to view this brilliant show. 

What do you think? Were there any better shows that were canceled this year? Let me know through comments I will check them out. Below is a picture that gives you a better idea of what this show is actually about. 

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